How To Get Any Steam Game For Free | Works For Now!


Step 1: Use a prepaid Visa card to buy a steam game. Do not use your own account, create a fake one.

Step 2: Wait for it complete downloading, Open it once but close immediately after the game launches properly.

Step 3: Download Smart Steam Emulator 143 (Link Below).

Step 4: Copy the game folder from your steam common file. Copy the entire folder to a different folder outside steam.

Step 5: Add the game to the Smart Steam Emulator 143 and add the steam app id and nothing else.

Step 6: Open the game, let it connect the internet and it will activate.

Step 7: Use Windows Firewall or Any firewall to prevent that specific .exe file to connect to the internet.

Step 8: Request refund on steam and select that the game doesn’t support on your system.

Steam has a no question asked instant refund policy if you don’t play the game for more than 2 hours.

This trick works only with Single-player games where you don’t have to sign-in to any other platform (like Rockstar games etc. won’t work because they make you sign-in to Rockstar Social)

Have fun. It works, Here’s the proof given by anonymous (Step by Step for one game)…a25b27aae35.jpg 91…586a7be06ff.jpg 32…280ae60383f.jpg 24…9425d3f03ac.jpg 17…4fa6aae273b.png 23



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